Character Bios

Ohayo! I see it's time to meet the cast of "Dirty Socks", ne? Well, as many as we have here anyway...
Friends and family are always popping up at odd times, so stay alert, and we'll make bios for them as
soon as we can. For now, feel free to look over the page and get to know everyone!

You should all know Ryo, one of the kakkoi duo who's
lives this comic is based around. Here's a little info
on your favorite shinai slinging, blue haired kickass bishounen:

Name: Ryo Sagara
Age: 19
Fave Color: Blue
Likes: Caffienated beverages, anime, swords, using
his ninja stealth powers, and strawberry cheesecake.
Dislikes: People who irritate him, bullies, authority figures, and ants.
Extra Info: What can we say about Ryo? He invents dangerous
electronics in his free time, an example of which is
the beam sword he gave to Fei. Brash, impulsive, short
tempered, his shinai never leaves his side. The same could be said
of his best friend, Fei, who sticks with him
even though Ryou may accidentally set him on fire.

Ryou (James Miller): The writer, layout coordinator, and webmaster of Dirty Socks.
Actually three years younger than Travis (Fei), it's really not
noticeable. He enjoys writing and reading, and martial arts are always good too.
Spends time with his friends Fei, Mako, Solrac, and Dako,
not to mention Kyou (Kys), his girlfriend of a year and a half.
Nicknamed "Ryou", he is of course the basis for "the" Ryo. Yes, there
is a real Ryo, he lives in Sacramento. Be afraid. He and Fei can always be
reached at this address.

Fei, the other of the two roomates/friends should
also be familiar to anyone bothering to visit this page.
You want an inside peek at the feminine jester-hatted one? Step inside...
Name: Fei Sakabashin
Age: 19
Fave Color: Red
Likes: Cheeseburgers, his hat, video games, anime,
talking like a pirate, and his tabi socks.
Dislikes: People who think he's a girl, ranch dressing
, leaky pens, and being put in mortal danger.
Extra Info: Heh... Fei has a full time job delivering chicken,
and unless he has a sword in his hands he's
pretty much defenseless. He sleeps at random times, can't
spell to save his life, and though he, like Ryo, is intelligent in his
way... chances are no one is going to realise it from how he acts.

Fei (Travis Davidson): The artist and cohort of Dirty Socks, one thing, up front,
needs to be said: Yes, people DO mistake him for a girl... course they do
the same to Ryou, but he conveniently ignores this fact. Anyway,
he's the basis for the character Fei. He lives in Sacramento and likes to hang
out with his girlfriend of a year and a few months, Dako... plus
the friends listed above. As a group they CosPlay, and generally disregard
the opinion of society. Good Otaku, yeeeesss...
Anyway, Fei is a great artist as you can see, and if the WebMaster may say so,
an incredible person.