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July 30, 2002
Before anyone gets all exited or anything, no, DS is not ending. I'm going to college in October, and things are way too hectic in my life currently what with the new job and the preparing for college, and Fei's too... and right now we just can't do it, I'm sorry. So we'll be going on what all comic fans dread... hiatus. Sabbatacal. Whatever, I can't spell. It breaks my heart considering all the support that's been flowing in lately, but it has to be done.
Wait, there's more. We'll be back On Febuary 13th, DS's one year anniversary. This will be a working vacation... I'll put aside some time every so often to write new scripts, update HTML, and work through what needs to be done. By next febuary we'll be back and better than ever, with a five day a week format so I can keep up with the comic and college life at the same time. We'll see how that works out.
We're just on a little break. It was either this or let DS, our hard work, our dream, bite the dust. I'll still check e-mail and reply when I can, and feel free to keep the message boards active. It's a long wait, I know, but keep DS in your bookmarks and in your hearts, because you'll certainly be in ours.

Vote for me on the Top 150 Comic sites!

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